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We are pleased to welcome you to EGI Transport’s Inc.  web site.

The purpose of this site is to provide an overview by briefly informing you about who we are and providing you with an overview of the company’s practices regarding the services offered to our loyal and future customers and to those who would show an interest. It is also intended to ensure the efficiency of our company and the simple, easy and effective communication within our team.

This site is a simple reference tool that answers your main questions. If you do not find the answers you are looking for in this site, you are invited to send us your questions or comments by contacting us quickly. A member of our dedicated team will be happy to provide you with the information and provide you with more details promptly.

Ultimately, this website will evolve and adapt to the company’s cultural and organizational changes as well as ever-changing government regulations.

On behalf of the entire team, welcome to EGI Transport Inc.

Martin Houle, president

Bâtisse EGI Transport


In St-Eugène-de-Grantham, EGI Transport Inc. has developed a particular expertise in the world of transportation by specializing in general transportation, a feat brilliantly met with time by President, Martin Houle and his team.

Today we have a fleet of trucks and  dry van trailers, some of which are triaxles including heated trailers to haul goods that require temperature control in the winter .

As of now, EGI Transport Inc. employs full-time and part-time employees.

We should also emphasize the support of our wonderful work team, which is an integral part of our success and constantly monitors the quality and speed of customer service. Liability, honesty and perseverance are values ​​advocated by leaders and passed on to employees who care about the success of the company.


To be a responsive, successful and ever-changing business so that everyone acquires these benefits.
At EGI Transport Inc.…

  • You are more than a number...

  • You are part of the family…

  • We carry you even in our heart!


  • Teamwork

    We base our development on the involvement, trust, honesty and collaboration of our employees and our customers and we implement structures that promote exchanges to ensure the implementation of the best practices.

  • Respect

    To ensure a work environment that promotes well-being at work and business relationships, it is essential to treat our colleagues and clients in a respectful and fair manner while being responsive to individual needs.

  • Innovation

    To remain competitive, we strive to encourage new ideas by maintaining the process of continuous improvement. We believe in human potential and we make sure to implement projects to improve our processes.

  • Work safety

    As a responsible employer and a member of the CNESST, we ensure the commitment of each member of the team in order to promote and practice a safe approach to our work environment. This approach represents the best guarantee of continuous improvement in health and safety.


Contact our dynamic team and together we will be the key to our success!

Martin Houle
Director of Operations / Local Dispatch / Logistics /  Warehouse

T 819-396-2754 #101  |  dispatch@entreposagegrantham.ca

Sophie Lafrance
ON Dispatch / Logistics

T 819-396-2754 #102  |  logistics@entreposagegrantham.ca

Richère Masson

T 819-396-2754 #104 |  adm@entreposagegrantham.ca

Richère Masson
Administrative assistant / Billing / Proof of Delivery Request

T 819-396-2754 #106  |  facture@entreposagegrantham.ca

Executive Director / Humain Ressource Director / Accounting Director

T 819-396-2754 #105  |  melissa@entreposagegrantham.ca

President / Owner

T 819-396-2754 #107  |  martin@entreposagegrantham.ca

Evenings and weekends

T 819-396-2754 (for emergencies dial ”0”)

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